How it works

How it Works 

You have a dream!

To be in two places at once. To use your computer, phone, or tablet to control a computer that is somewhere else.

Remote working
Eclectic Associates will configure your remote working solution so that you simply go to the remote login portal and follow the on-screen instructions to access your PC remotely. Remote working
You install the remote access software on your local device. Install the remote access software
You are now ready to connect to your workplace computer.

Simples! no traffic stress, no congestion charges, no hassle!

Access remote computer

For further information please contact us by email.

For the SME that has a large number of remote workers check out a demo to see how our Central product allows your staff to connect easily to the workplace. Click for a Demo

We also have a product that is quite suitable for the smaller more agile business called GoToMyPc which securely enables  staff to work remotely; why not contact us to arrange demo of GoToMyPc product.

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